Hello there! The name’s Lilly. I am a published author and writer of short stories, flash fiction, essays, and poems. Along with being a certified corporate trainer, I have worked as a banking professional. You would find waves of varying emotions and thoughts revealed through written words. Travelling, Food, Reading, Movies, TV Shows, Music, Art, Photography, Nature and Culture intrigue me (talk about interests, right?). Anything that ignites creativity in me, delves into amplifying my inventive horizons, and assists in elevating me to my fullest potential, piques my interest. I am inexplicably drawn to the sea. It has the ability to remind me that with every tempestuous tide, a calm one follows. An amalgamation of the elements, Fire, Water and Earth comprise me. Hence, I have been told my personality resembles an onion. It has many layers encompassing it. I resonate very much with the proverbs, “The Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword,” and “Still Waters Run Deep.” Well, that’s just about me, in a nutshell.

My personal blog is a reflection of how I perceive the world based on my feelings, thoughts, and experiences. Furthermore, my writing emulates an affinity for keen observation of people and situations. I hope you feel inspired, motivated, and thought-provoked.

Explore my books on Amazon below:

Seeking Leora https://amzn.to/3qurmRK

Mystical Adventures Unveiled: A Compilation of Short Storieshttps://amzn.to/3xg7ipI

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Ponder Over My Wordshttps://bit.ly/3FHc9Vs

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