Fated Rendezvous

Do you believe fate always has a way of intervening in its most perplexing manner? “There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need them to change your life or you’re the one that will change theirs,” a thought-provoking quote by Madeline Sheehan. Have you ever wondered, were you always meant to cross a path, a person or a place at a certain time in life? Time is woven in such an intricate fashion that it reveals the people and circumstances we were all meant to encounter. It’s so ironic when we look back, we were different people leading different lives struck by fate and the rest is history, they say. I have always found it fascinating when particular people had an entry as well as an exit in my life. It is true when they say that the people whom you meet are for a reason, a season or a lifetime as we get to acquire a humungous load of knowledge, wisdom and experiences that shape and mould us into the people that we are today.

Everyone has a story to tell. The situations narrated by them unravel a mystical resemblance as to the lessons we were all meant to learn which were endowed upon us at the fated time and place. Life has a way of testing us. It sends us people who teach us the power of goodness, courage, compassion, love and trust in the form of family, friends, teachers and leaders. Sometimes, there are unpleasant and heart wrenching experiences such as difficult bosses, colleagues, friends and partners that leave us drained and confounded yet there is a cryptic lesson in those experiences as well. Of course, there would be instances by which we would have also unconsciously hurt other people as we were in pain and hurting as well. I know I have. In those cases, self-reflection would reveal that we all make mistakes and it is how we rectify them in which lies wisdom. As we traverse through life, we are thrown upon circumstances that would test our character, our morals and sometimes compel us into dilemmas that divulge and question our inner most ideals and principles. Have we stood up to time and trials? Are we changed people or are we just fleeting atoms awaiting lessons in a loop but in different forms?

There are moments that seem miraculous and just out of the blue. Prayers answered when least expected. Forgotten woes blessed with abundance and richness. Life has a way of rewarding our good deeds in unimaginable ways through people and circumstances. There has always been signs and synchronicities that led us to where we are now and on discovering, have proven our purpose and path. I would say, I have certainly met wonderful people whom I have emulated and cherish and others who taught me the likes of whom I shouldn’t develop into. I am reminded of this concept Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We need to Reduce interactions with people who breed hostility and toxicity to the point whereby they don’t have a negative impact on our minds and lives. Reusing your set of ideals and teachings as well as those acquired from other people, that have served you well and heightened prosperity in your life. Recycling your own ideas and techniques as well as those imbibed from other people by reinventing them into innovative and creative ways that would bring you success.

I have felt the most exhilarated and euphoric when being told my words and actions assisted in making a profound difference in someone’s life in a positive aspect. There are people who fight battles silently which is why we must be kind and thoughtful with the people around us. Understanding where they are coming from lends a different perspective altogether and builds more room for compassion and acceptance. All of us learn from each other. By broadening your demographic by learning from a tiny toddler to an elderly person, everyone we come across has a potential to enlighten our minds to think and feel deeper and vaster.

Every experience has been an eye-opening possibility for me to learn and equip myself with all life has to offer. I am still learning and evolving and would continue to do so. I may flounder to find the meaning in my struggles at times but I do know the learning process is never ending. My thirst to comprehending the works of life would continue to remain unyielded. I feel we must all bear in mind that whatever we go through or whatever we have been through was meant to transform us into the people we are today. To build up the fortitude required, to be of service to people in need, to be beacons of formidability. Every good memory was to elevate our strengths and every unfavourable memory was to improve upon our limitations. What we make of our lives would be the cumulative lessons and experiences gained by the people who taught us better, who made us better. I feel the day we stop mastering and learning is the day we stop meeting different facets of people. Everyone has a role to play in our lives, sometimes we are the students and sometimes we are the teachers. I would like to embrace this thought with an open mind and heart.

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