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They say writing leaves an imprint of what you believe in, essentially, your innermost desires and ideals. When written on a piece of paper, words manifest into existence and enhance the significance of living. My beliefs and principles are ever more cemented, challenged, as well as uncovered with writing. A sense of assertiveness is summoned by one. Layers within me begin to unfurl as I tap into uncharted waters. The most complex and simplest of emotions and thoughts are expressed with intention. Writing has proved to declutter my mind and leaves breathing space for observing and processing life. It is a portal that connects me to individuals around the world who share my sentiments and ideologies. Moreover, I am given a chance to explore and expand my outlook as I peruse through diverse thoughts of people.

“When your heart is full, and your thoughts speed through;

Fish out a quill and some parchment, too.

Your feelings take flight, and a rhythm flows true;

A message germinates, and your words become you.”

©2023 Lilly S. D.

All Rights Reserved

Thank you for stopping by and I wish you Glad Tidings.

Below are a few of my favourite quotes that substantiate the essence of writing and creativity:

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