They say, Writing leaves an imprint of what you believe in and your inner most desires which helps in bringing them into existence. My beliefs and principles in life are ever more cemented as well as uncovered with Writing and this has prompted me into becoming more assertive in my approach towards situations and people. Writing has helped me discover there is more to me than I had known and has made me realize with every word written, I comprehend myself as well as other people much better. Writing, to me, has assisted in articulating the most complex as well as the simplest of emotions and thoughts into a piece of Art. It helps me unwind, clear my mind and leaves more room for processing and understanding everything and everyone around me. It is a portal that connects me to individuals around the world who share my sentiments on what I have to offer through written words. Moreover, I am given a chance to explore and expand my outlook by people who enjoy this craft as much as I do.

My BLOG entails my viewpoints and observations on diverse topics with a sprinkle of poems from time to time. THE VAULT is a collection of my posts organized chronologically, very meticulous you know (oh, the vanity!). I would love to hear what you think of them through your comments.

ABOUT is where you would find the person behind the posts (hint: Myself).

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Thank you for stopping by and I wish you Good Tidings.

Below are a few of my favourite quotes that substantiate the meaning and essence of writing: